Current Mood: Bored.  Bored of your lies.  Bored of your stupidity.  Bored of your conformity.

Current Music: A crushing silence that calls forth from the depth of my cold, black soul echoes into etnernity on the cursed wings of the arch-demon Asmodeus.

       What's up conformists?  Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I've been totally swamped with finding new underground bands that no one has ever heard of.  The corporations are getting so efficient at hunting down and polluting any decent band that still plays for the love of the music that I've had to start listening to recorded middle school band practices.  They still feel the passion.  Also my family went on vacation to Jamaica for two weeks, and there was no computer there.
       I think I met a girl who's just as underground as I am.  She's pretty cool.  She's not very emo, but she's really down to earth and in touch with nature.  Her Birkenstocks are the hottest thing ever.  The other day we hung out and watched a bag float around in the wind.  It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  But it wasn't like that movie with the kid with the camera at all.  It was a paper bag, not plastic.  Totally different.  More natural.
       I'm trying to come up with an ubertastic emo bumper sticker to get made so I can put it on my messenger bag.  Here are the finalists…

"No more corporations"

"You are a social robot and I hate you"

"Tight pants are hot"

"Uber Dark Gray for President"

"I don't care what anyone thinks about anything and I want you to know that!"

       I think there's something wrong about that last one.  Not sure what though.  It just sounds a little off.  Whatever, I don't care.  About anything.  Or anyone.  Except Jenny-kins.


P.S. Stop reading my blog, you're tainting it's independence.  A**hole.