Sunday's big game brought with it the annual crop of big budget, high concept, and low brow commercials. From Pepsi-chugging pop-stars to monstorous pigeons to Chris Kattan, Super Bowl XLII's million-dollar airtime was overflowing with both brilliant marketing and annoying ads. Below you'll find the highest highs and the lowest lows of football's — and Bud Light's — biggest night.

Most Likely to Alienate Asians

Most Likely to Alienate Every Other Ethnic Group

Most Likely to be Taken Seriously

Cutest Disembodied Heart

Least Likely to Revive Chris Kattan's Career

Most Likely to Sexually Arouse Giants Fans

Most Animals Harmed During Filming

Sickest Tattoo

Most Likely to Increase Rentals of "Blue Chips"

Most Likely to Prompt "Dick in a Bottle" Comment

Most Quotable

Most Accurate Representation of Bud Light Drinkers

2nd Most Creative Use of "Salute Your Shorts" Actor

Most Likely to Cause Night Terrors