Ethan: What a week. That scrappy little bunch of underdogs from New Jersey looked at that undefeated New England juggernaut and said, "It ends here." Way to go, Rutgers' women's hoops; you really put UConn in their place. Oh, and there was a Super Bowl or something.

Amir: What was your favorite commercial? Mine was where Eli won Super Bowl MVP and Brady woke up sweating and scared. It was three hours long but I'm sold!

Ethan: I always thought Eli's complete lack of emotion was a bad thing, but maybe it keeps him calm. During the national anthem he looked like a college kid who woke up just in time to get to class: unshaven, hair all nasty, and I'm not sure, but I think he was wearing pajama pants and carrying a Nalgene bottle. Is it time to call him an elite QB?

Amir: I don't know! This entire post-season run has turned my world up side down. Does this mean Eli is better than Romo? Better than Hasselback? Better than Michael Vick?!?!? One thing is for sure, Eli was right when he refused to sign with San Diego. What do you think Bill Belichick is doing right now?

Ethan: Watching a six-year-old tape of the Rams' Super Bowl walkthrough. If he'd seen that screen pass coming to Marshall Faulk they wouldn't even have needed that final drive. That or burning a J with Pats DB Willie Andrews, who had a half-pound of weed when he got arrested the other day. Can you imagine Belichick blazed?

Amir: "Did you know if you take the audio from SuperBowl 38 over the video of Super Bowl 36 it lines up?"

Ethan: Excited for the Pro Bowl?

Amir: The Pro Bowl is becoming a slightly more official Rock n' Jock football challenge. No real Pro-Bowlers ever want to play, and the fans never want to watch. I hear Adrian Peterson's offensive line doesn't even want to go anymore. "If Tom Brady isn't going, then neither are we!"

Ethan: I just like how every year stars keep bailing and getting replaced. Pretty soon the NFC's only choices will be Joey Harrington and Matt Moore. For starting running back. The skills competition is fun to watch, though. I need to know if Rob Bironas can kick a field goal over a tiki hut! How did you feel when Bobby Knight quit?

Amir: I don't believe him when he says he's not having fun anymore. I've seen him coach quite a bit, and NEVER thought to myself he was having fun.

Ethan: I really hope that Pat Knight pulls a Hank Steinbrenner and tries to be even crazier and more aggressive than his dad. I think he'd have to stab a ref with a sharpened toothbrush during a game to make that happen. Let's stay in the Big 12: any shame for Kansas in losing to K-State last week?

Amir: All road winning streaks must come to an end. Especially when you have Michael Beasley on the opposing team. Why were people salivating over Durant, while Beasely is averaging 25 and 12 to little fanfare?

Ethan: We all remember the last time we got tricked into loving a Kansas State athlete only to have him fizzle out. Michael Bishop, you broke my heart, and I'll never love again. Who's winning Duke-Carolina?

Amir: When in doubt, go for the home team. But if Duke wins in Carolina they should jump Memphis. They won't but they should.

Ethan: Are you insane? Memphis is still undefeated.

Amir: So would many teams if they only played UTEP and Rice. I'm going to wait until after the Tennessee game to crown them. BUT IF YOU WANNA CROWN THEM, THEN CROWN THEIR ASSES!

If both had one loss, maybe, but I don't think beating Carolina without Ty Lawson is enough to hop Memphis. Although it's Duke, so maybe it will happen just to piss people off. Speaking of pissing fans off, how nervous must Suns fans be right now?

Amir: Jealousy will make you do crazy things. Suns execs saw Gasol to the Lakers and went blind with rage. Is Kurt Thomas not old and slow enough?

Ethan: Apparently not, the Suns shipped him away for a second-rounder and a trade exception. Shaq can neither run nor gun nor reliably stand up under his own power. Has anyone asked Steve Kerr what he's thinking? "I quit watching hoops in like 2001. I assume players who were good then are still good. Let's trade for Antoine Walker, too!"
Amir: To his defense, the Suns weren't going to any Finals with their current roster. They tried and tried but it's not really a playoff winning formula. Although as a Laker fan, I'm excited to see this experiment miserably fail.

Ethan: I like that part of the Suns' logic is apparently the desire to block the Mavs from getting him. Yeah, nothing worse than a rival getting an aging guy who's owed $20 mil the next two years.

Amir: Like when the Sox "blocked" the Yankees from getting Gagne.

Ethan: Hopefully the Mavs' backup plan is signing Moses Malone to a max contract. There's still some spring left in those knees. Got an interesting fact this week?

Amir: To commemorate Bobby Knight's retirement, here's one from the wacky world of Coach Knight. Apparently when he was coaching at the Pan Am games in Puerto Rico in 1979, he punched a cop. He got convicted of assult in absentia, but Indiana's governor refused to extradite him to Puerto Rico.

Ethan: And he stayed that classy right up until the end.

Amir: Gotta admire him.

Ethan: Until next week, get excited for having a drink or six with Jeremy Shockey!

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