In this election we have an opinionated white woman arguing with a black man; we have a Southerner who is proud to not believe in evolution and we have a Mormon thrown in the mix. This doesn't sound like an election, this sounds like the cast of Real World New Orleans. I don't even want them to be president, I just want them to run a juice bar and get drunk on camera for my amusement.

The coverage of this campaign has become only slightly more high-brow than something MTV would muster to begin with. It seems that the job of President of the United States has the hardest interview in the world, but then once someone gets the job, nobody cares what they do. While campaigning, a candidate can be attacked because they admit to smoking pot in the 70s, but once elected a president can bomb any country they choose with seemingly few repercussions.

I'm voted for Barack in this election because I want to see change. He's the least experienced politically of all the major candidates, and I for one view that as a strength. If Clinton wins, the American Presidency is going to be stuck on deja vu mode. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton? Is this a glitch in the matrix, or are Americans just that shitty at selecting their leaders?