The other day I told you all about our new channels and the fancy stuff in them. Well, today I'm going tell you all about two other big sections and some changes we've made there.

Hotlinks: Our brand new hotlinks section has some features I hope you guys like, like Likes, comments and tags. In addition to that section being better, I'm thrilled to announce that I wrote the word 'like' three times in a row and it still made sense. Finally, I'm always looking for good stuff to link to so if you find anything on your travels across the Internet, submit it at

Articles: Other than being a bit wider and having new column headers, we've changed the way the newest page works. Now, anyone can get an article on the newest page and, if it does well there, on to the front page. So start writing and rest assured I'll see your article when you post it.

Hope you guys like the changes and if you have anything at all to say about them, positive or negative, leave it in this thread at our Facebook Fan page.