Have you been in trouble with the law?

If so, you deserve representation. My team of lawyers is here to give YOU the defense you deserve.

Okay, so I don't run a high-powered law firm with a staff of attorneys. In fact, my knowledge of the legal system is limited to rounds of Grand Theft Auto and CBS forensic dramas starring David Caruso.

However, I can reccomend sharring your story with your fellow CollegeHumor users for the Trouble With the Law Essay Contest.

Send us your story of legal misfortune by the end of the day on Feb 22nd. We'll see which one we like the best and announce the winner. The author of the winning essay will recieve one free year of cable television. Your story has to be under 250 words and it has to be true. You can send photos along if you want.

Enter Here by Februay 22. And good luck!