Decisions are difficult. And deciding between two people is even more difficult. Sometimes, a decision between two people affects our lives so deeply, that we weigh the consequences with the most intense thoughtfulness and every bit of intuition and insight we can squeeze out of our minds, and even our souls.

So, as we consider the pros and cons of each person, we ask ourselves: what's it going to be, guys, a white woman, or a black man?

As you stood in a voting booth on Super Tuesday, staring at both names, I'm sure you squinted your eyes just enough to make the name "Barack" look like JACK and the name "Clinton" look like LOCKE.

O, you Lostie, you!

Here's what went down this week, in a blinking transponder (and it was a LOT!):

A recent flashback reveals that "Flight 815" (no survivors) was discovered at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Naomi was put in charge of a crew of 4 inexperienced people to get them "in and out" of the island. Nice/nervous parachuter Dan leads Kate and Jack to mean/paranoid parachuter Miles, who can talk to the dead. Both have guns. They all eventually meet up with Sayid and Juliet and then find the ?copter pilot, and the helicopter! Locke's group finds the other parachuter, Charlotte. She seems psyched to find them, but when Ben steals a gun and shoots her, we see she's got on a bullet proof vest. WTF? They are there for Ben, and Ben knows this because has a spy on their boat.

Here's what we learn:

1. Don't watch Lost from a hotel room in Vegas. The tv is really shitty and doesn't fit the 4:3 format. Probably because they want you to shut it off and go gamble
2. Daniel cried when he saw the news of the found Flight 815. Why? We aren't led to believe that he knew anyone on the plane.
3. Charlotte might be searching for Dharma Initiative links. We see her checking out a Dharma polar bear skeleton in the middle of the dessert. She's also a little too attractive to be so smart.
4. This episode has raised more new questions than any episode in recent history. If the writers' strike doesn't end soon, we will all end up with Hurley in the nuthouse.
5. That dude from The Wire is Naomi's boss. He was really adamant about this team being sent to the island. He also holds meetings in big, empty rooms. Get to OfficeMax, dude.
6. The sketchy parachuters brought gas masks.
7. Some make-up artist spent a lot of time on Terry O'Quinn's torso. Locke shows everyone his bullet holes.
8. Walt's taller when he appears to Locke. Somehow, Lost is not powerful enough to prevent actors from going through puberty.
9. Miles works some serious ghost-buster shit back at home.
10. Miles likes to over-explain what a "code" is. We get it, dude. The sister line was code. She doesn't have a sister. We GET it.
11. We witnessed one of the great moments in television: Jack tells the 2 parachuters that their friends are pointing guns at Miles and Daniel right now, recreating our old "How stupid do you think I am?"scene with Jack and Mr. Friendly. Makes you feel a little more sympathetic for Mr. Friendly and the gang.
12. Frank, the helicopter pilot, was supposed to be the pilot of Flight 815. He noticed " via his tv- that the pilot's body was a fake, and called the crash hotline. Why the heck was he sent on this mission?
13. Next week will kick off with an "enhanced episode." Was the repeat this week also "enhanced?" Did anyone watch it? Anything new learned?