1. Find desk at which you wish to work.
  2. Take out a blank sheet of computer paper.
  3. Make prophecy.
  4. Attempt to write prophecy on papaer before realizing that there is no pen in your hand.
  5. Do not grab a writing utensil, instead fake humility by criticizing your writing skills.
  6. If you wish, you may wail about the failure of communication.
  7. Now, grab a pen, preferably one with a sharp point.
  8. Poke yourself in the eye.
  9. Actually, this is advanced english, so go ahead and make it both eyes.
  10. It's time for a break. Stand up.
  11. Walk around the room.
  12. You may crash into a few things, seeing as you just put out your eyes.
  13. Time to get back to work. Grab the book the essay is supposed to be on.
  14. Beat yourself on the head with it.
  15. Keep on going until you get inspiration. or pass out.
  16. Pass out.
  17. Wake up and look at the clock. Say "oh shit out loud.
  18. Bang book on head some more.

I'll finish this later.