Dear loving family,

It has been too long since I have seen your shining faces. I miss you all very much, but my boss says that once we get the satellite online, all our troubles will be over and I will be able see you soon! Take care of your sister Jimmy. Love, Your father

Dear family,

This job has become complete torture. I have been walking up and down this hallway nonstop for weeks. We only get one break a day to eat and take a shit and we have to do them at the same time because SOMEBODY didn't make a mess hall in this whole facility. I miss you all very much but daddy will be home soon. -Dad

Dear Fam,

Every day is a constant hell. My bones ache from walking this same path. The soles of my shoes are worn through and my feet have long since lost all feeling. The boss has become paranoid that someone will attack and has stepped up security. My buddy Jeff even got a promotion. Lucky bastard… He thinks he's all cool with his camo hat and sunglasses. He looks like an idiot and the next time…O SHIT!!!

-I don't know if I will make it out alive. Everyone is dead. Smith, Robbins, even that toolbag Jeff (douche). …He came in with guns blazing. We shot him over and over but he just took it. I thank god that I found myself caught behind a door and he didn't see me. What's this? …O GOD! The gas! It fucking leaked out of the tanks!

Dear family,

Sorry to scare you like that. Apparently the gas doesn't harm anyone except that dick who came in…yea I know, crazy right? Anyways… so they're shipping me to some silo. It's probably gonna suck, but they say that right after we're done hanging out there we'll be sent home.

Love, Pops

P.s. Here's hoping nothing horribly gruesome happens to me! Haha j/k…

P.p.s Fuck the Russians! Jesus Christ they are annoying.