Do your parents not understand technology? None of them do, they're all morons! People that dumb shouldn't be allowed to breed. It's tragic, really.

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  • My parents got their first new computer in eight years while I was in town over Christmas, so I set it up for them and helped them get used to Vista. I left my dad to transfer files from his old computer on floppy disks, but soon got called back in to help him. He thought he had gotten the wrong size floppy drive. I came back in and found him under the desk, trying to fit a disk into the subwoofer."
    -Daniel L.

  • My friend's dad worked for a local cable company answering phones and helping people with their computer problems. One time an old lady called and asked if somebody could come by and shorten her cable because it was too long. He said, "oh we can do that automatically from here if I just pull on it….how is it now?" She replied, "It's much better thank you."
    -Patrick R.

  • My mom asked me to send my sister an e-mail telling her to "check her e-mail."
    -Jeff A
  • I've worked at an internet company for about a year. One day, a lady called and told me her computer wouldn't turn on no matter what she did. I said "Ok, can you look at the back of the computer and make sure the power cable is plugged in." She responded, "Just give me a second, I have to find a flashlight because the power is out here at my house."
    -Nick P.