Dear Sirs and Madams,

You people have always had a special place in American society, mainly due to the musical stylings of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. But frankly, a couple of musical prodigies are not enough to justify the shit we have to put up with from you. We have had enough. We are sick and tired of you people walking around acting like you're just as good as everyone else. So if you could see, does that mean you'd be better than everyone else? You people make me sick.

You people act like the world owes you something. You don't just expect the same privileges of any seeing person, you expect more. You walk around with your little white canes and your sunglasses. Who do you people think you are?! I'm pretty sure if I went around wearing sunglasses inside and hitting everybody with a stick I would be arrested and sent to the looney bin. Yet you people act as if there is nothing wrong with it. And seeing eye dogs?! Last time I took my dog to the grocery store I was kicked out when he "attacked" the worker behind the meat counter (although I would hardly call licking him in the face "attacking"). But you people seem to have no problem taking your dogs everywhere, ignoring clearly posted "No Dogs Allowed" signs. What do you want, braille signs?! Would that get the point across? Jesus Christ, will you people ever be happy?

If this arrogant, self-centered behavior continues, we might just have to wage an all out war on your kind. If you could see the way you've been acting, you would have seen this coming a mile away. So Blindy McCantsee, I suggest you come to your senses and take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror. It's time for you to take some responsibility for yourself, and quit acting like everybody owes you something. Until you start acting like normal, decent human beings, you get no sympathy from us. So fuck you, blind people. Fuck. You.

Deaf People

RE: An Open Letter To Blind People

Dear dearf People.,

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Belinde People