sebasz919 (12:01:26 AM): imiss Tim Hardaway …
canesfan6592 (12:01:40 AM): i miss being able to like him
sebasz919 (12:02:17 AM): why? he was the best point guard of the 90s, next the stockton
sebasz919 (12:02:30 AM): he shoots 3s like me
sebasz919 (12:02:39 AM): like his form, not accuracy
canesfan6592 (12:02:56 AM): yeah, he was obviously awesome
canesfan6592 (12:03:04 AM): but i mean, i miss being able to like him canesfan6592 (12:03:32 AM): but anyone retarded enough to go on the radio and just say "I dont like gay people"…what a dumbass
canesfan6592 (12:03:44 AM): i dont even care what he thinks about gay people canesfan6592 (12:03:57 AM): he should've probably thought that one through a little..
sebasz919 (12:06:36 AM): yea he didnt think that through…but i think people
 overexagerated…yea he shouldnt have said that but people say soo much shit on the radio…and the aftermath…getting kicked out of the allstate weekend thing..being dismissed as chief basketball operations…
sebasz919 (12:06:56 AM): isaw him once at the YMCA…iwas playing basketball…iwanted to show off so badly…
canesfan6592 (12:07:04 AM): yeah, i've seen him there
canesfan6592 (12:07:10 AM): his son played there
canesfan6592 (12:07:51 AM): my favorite part of his gay radio scandal was that he changed the name of his car wash from "Tim Hardaway's Car Wash" to "A-1 Deluxe Car Wash"
sebasz919 (12:08:12 AM): lol, iremember that car wash
canesfan6592 (12:10:48 AM): it eventually went out of business
sebasz919 (12:11:14 AM): ithink it was sold to a gay car wash company
canesfan6592 (12:11:38 AM): he was a great player though
sebasz919 (12:11:44 AM): amazing
canesfan6592 (12:11:46 AM): "Thisaway, thataway, Hardaway!"
sebasz919 (12:14:23 AM): never heard that phrase, but ok
canesfan6592 (12:14:53 AM): they would say that like every four seconds when you watched the heat on tv
canesfan6592 (12:15:38 AM): heat games used to be great
canesfan6592 (12:16:01 AM): now going to a game is like a south beach party, but more expensive
sebasz919 (12:16:20 AM): yea…imiss those 90s players
 (12:16:43 AM): my dad would take me to the heat-knicks games when he got tickets from his work
sebasz919 (12:16:52 AM): pj brown, jamal mashburn, zo..
sebasz919 (12:17:07 AM): voshon lenard
sebasz919 (12:17:20 AM): voshon motherfucking lenard…
canesfan6592 (12:17:34 AM): mashburn had the face of a three year old
sebasz919 (12:17:51 AM): he was a great foward
sebasz919 (12:19:40 AM): though i always felt he underachieved..afterall he was #4 pick in the draft
canesfan6592 (12:21:38 AM): oh, and Thunder Dan
sebasz919 (12:21:54 AM): dan marleijeijeivbv
sebasz919 (12:22:06 AM): six man
sebasz919 (12:22:13 AM): and an allstar the same year, i think
canesfan6592 (12:23:26 AM): those knicks games were crazy
sebasz919 (12:23:44 AM): those fights…noone could beat up pj or zo
canesfan6592 (12:24:19 AM): the stands were crazy, i think i threw a knife at latrell sprewell once
sebasz919 (12:24:37 AM): NEVER SPEAK OF THAT FAG
canesfan6592 (12:24:53 AM): ….but i'm speaking of him being stabbed by me at age 8
canesfan6592 (12:25:16 AM): yeah, he was a fucking douche
sebasz919 (12:25:33 AM): asshole…you know what he said of his salary once? canesfan6592 (12:25:33 AM): he would get trash thrown at him at Miami Arena sebasz919 (12:26:17 AM): On October 31, 2004, the Minnesota Timberwolves offered Sprewell a 3 year, $21 million contract extension, substantially less than what his then-current contract paid him. Insulted, he publicly vented his outrage, declaring, "I have a family to feed."
canesfan6592 (12:26:31 AM): yeah, i've heard about that
sebasz919 (12:26:36 AM): He declined the extension, and, having once more drawn the ire of fans and sports media, had the worst season of his career in the final year of his contract.
canesfan6592 (12:26:57 AM): he's a bitch
sebasz919 (12:28:57 AM): under possible NBA return in his wikipedia…its nothing but his allegations of strangling ans lawsuits…
canesfan6592 (12:29:11 AM): lol
canesfan6592 (12:29:22 AM): what a jackass
sebasz919 (12:31:16 AM): i think tim hardaway was just thinking of him when he said those comments…afterwards he was like…"oh like gay people? yeah there cool, i have no problem with them."
canesfan6592 (12:31:47 AM): lol
canesfan6592 (12:32:15 AM): you should copy and paste this whole conversation into a CH article
sebasz919 (12:32:27 AM): alright…
canesfan6592 (12:33:06 AM): it will be the most random article ever, just put random jokes in bullet point form
sebasz919 (12:33:31 AM): lol, people would be like Tim Hardaway?why? canesfan6592 (12:33:53 AM): just call the article "FUCK LATRELL SPREWELL" and people will read
canesfan6592 (12:34:04 AM): amir will be like, "hell yeah i'm reading this!" sebasz919 (12:34:38 AM): ill do it
canesfan6592 went away at 12:34:39 AM.
canesfan6592 (12:34:43 AM): you should
sebasz919 (12:35:00 AM): theres no way you can stop me
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