15th- Shit, how are there three Starbucks on this block and still 15 people in line.

14th- I should really try something different.

13th- What do I waaaannt. Hm what's that new skinny cinnamon latte…mmm.

12th- Hah! LeKara…who names their kid LeKara. Pshh, she would get a venti frappuccino with whipped cream.

11th- Wait, how much money do I have…a dollar…3 dollars…

10th- Whoops dropped a quarter…ah and a dime…crap. "Excuse me, I dropped my…it's right by your foot…nevermind."

9th- "I know it's just 25 cents…no I just dropped it, how did you not see me…look it's my fucking quarter."

8th- Ooo blueberry muffins!

7th- Almost there, shit. Figure it out! Just choose something. Don't look like an asshole up there.

6th- Dolce…what does that even mean!?

5th- Maybe I'll get a grande caramel frappuccino, or a latte, yea yea a latte.

4th- Or a java chip frap.

3rd- No, definitely a latte.

2nd- "What? Me? Him? Have you orde— is it me? Oh sorry, um okay I'll have…."

1st- "Uhh, I'll have a…a uh…I'll just have a coffee…medium, yea grande whatever." Damnit I had coffee at home.