Earth is in imminent danger. Just answer the questions below to see if you'll be the one to save us, of it'll be someone stronger and better looking!

How mysterious is your past?
I'm from a normal family in the suburbs where everyone loves each other and we have a dog (0 points)
I only know one of my parents (1 point)
I have a very distinct scar and I don't know where it came from (2 points)
I'm adopted. I've never met my real parents (3 points)

Do you ever feel like you're different than other boys and girls?
Yes. They think I'm weird because I wear all black and listen to Marilyn Manson (0 points)
Yes, and that's why I'll never use a public shower (1 point)
No, not really (2 points)
Occassionally, my physical or mental abilities far exceed those of a normal human (3 points)

Are you in love with someone?
I'm not interested in dating (0 points)
I have a girlfriend (1 point)
Yes, but she doesn't know if I exist (2 points)
I've secretly been in love with my best female friend for my whole life (3 points)

Do you have any kind of mentor?
This really cool older kid who bought me cigarettes when I was too young (0 points)
I look to nature and religion to guide me (1 point)
The law is my mentor (2 points)
An elderly man that everyone else thinks is crazy (3 points)

Every hero needs to know how to fly, how are your pilot abilities?
I puke as soon as I step on an airplane (0 points)
I've played a lot of flight simulators (1 point)
I'm in, or plan to join the airforce (2 points)
I'm sure I could escape by biplane, or drive a spaceship into an asteroid headed straight for the Earth if I had to (3 points)

Do you have any martial arts training?
None (0 points)
I took some lessons as a kid (1 point)
I'm a black belt or higher (2 points)
No. I got beat up a lot as a kid and I still do (3 points)

Which of these things matters most to you?
Money (0 points)
Adventure (1 point)
Justice (2 points)
The lives of the innocent (3 points)