Dudes, dudes, listen up. I am giving up. Seriously bro, I got nothing really to contribute to this whole thing I got going on in Cuba right now, seriously, I mean the whole president of Cuba thing is cool and being the leader of the Communist Party of Cuba has gotten me tons of play but lets face it, ole' Fidel needs some time to himself.

I just wanna enjoy my retirement days playing some "Guitar Hero", with my extra time off I plan on making Cult Of Personality on expert my new Bay of Pigs Invasion. Once that is done I got "Assassins Creed" so thats gonna take up alot of my time I think for a while. I still got to see "I Am Legend" cause I loves me some Will Smith.

For a retirement gift? I don't really need a watch man, a watch is for suckas who have to watch the clock before they die. Me? I want a video IPod, I got the new "Step Up 2 The Streets" soundtrack, I really sweat it.

Lets face it, being President for thirty two years takes its toll on you, I mean look at me, you wanna take a guess at how old I am? When I first became President I was fourteen! I have gone through more changes than Madonna!

Final words? I don't know man, I guess I will have to quote the great poet Dr. Dre, my time being President "Ain't Nothin' But a G Thang"

So dudes, bros, babes and ho's, my time is done here and its time for me to ride into the socialist sunset I will miss you all, except you Fulgencio Batista, you sir, are not invited on my welcome wagon nor my Guitar Hero lock in I am having on Friday, so don't even bother to ask.