Mr. Coen: Hi, Jim Marshall please?
Mr. Marshall:
Speaking, who's this?
Mr. Coen: Hey Jim! It's Arthur, Arthur Coen!
Mr. Marshall: Arthur Coen?
Mr. Coen: Remember? The Tapersville Terrible Tarantulas? The bleachers? Must have been, gee whiz, like, 40 years ago.
Mr. Marshall: Terrible Tarantu… ART! Hey, Art, how the hell are you? God, I haven't heard from you since those Little League games!
Mr. Coen: I'm great, I'm great! Liz and I finally decided to come to Florida after a while, life's been great! How've you been? How's your boy, Billy?
Mr. Marshall: Oh, good, good. Still here in Tapersville, though, Alice and I found a nice retirement community. Just taking it easy. And Billy's good. He's doing insurance sales in Parkston, two towns over.
Mr. Coen: Oh I see, I see. Guess that amazing pitching arm of his didn't play out very well, huh?
Mr. Marshall: No, it didn't. He kept playing through high school and into college, but ended up breaking his arm in some fraternity prank. His aim was never the same after that.
Mr. Coen: Oh, wow, that's a shame.
Mr. Marshall: Yeah, he took it pretty hard. He kept trying for a while. We put a lot of time and money into his physical therapy, but it didn't pan out very-
Mr. Coen: Hey, did you watch the Oscars last night?
Mr. Marshall: Excuse me?
Mr. Coen: The Oscars? Did you watch them?
Mr. Marshall: Oh, right. I was able to catch the very end of them…
Mr. Coen: Oh, good! So you saw those two "queer ass camera nerds that are someone's crap excuses for sons", then?
Mr. Marshall: Huh?
Mr. Coen: You know, the two brothers who won two Oscars last night, for Best Director and Best Overall Picture?
Mr. Marshall: I.. yeah, I saw someone accepting something for a movie, uh, "No Old Country" or something…
Mr. Coen: Oh yes, "No Country for Old Men", that took in $1,226,333 in its opening weekend and $58,263,567 overall, to date.
Mr. Marshall: Yeah. Listen, Arthur, I know what this-
Mr. Coen: "No Country for Old Men". God, what a landmark film. Especially from two "bratty, whiny sops who can't play baseball worth a damn".
Mr. Marshall: Arthur, I'm sorry, I've had a long time to reflect, and-
Mr. Coen: So how's the rest of Tapersville been? I haven't been around in a while, I think I might come back and have my sons buy everything.
Mr. Marshall:
Mr. Coen: But hey, enough about my boys, let's talk about Billy! Insurance sales, huh? Still working off those physical therapy payments?
Mr. Marshall: Sob…
Mr. Coen: Weird how life turns out, huh, friendo?