Do your parents not understand technology? None of them do, they're all morons! People that dumb shouldn't be allowed to breed. It's tragic, really.

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  • We recently gave my grandparents our old computer to play solitaire and slot machine games. When they first started using it, my grandmother would call and tell me that she lost the "mouse", referring to the arrow on the screen.
    - Mike from University of Nebraska, Lincoln

  • Recently I bought a orange microfiber cloth to clean off my laptop's screen. My mom saw me using it and asked to borrow it. When I gave it to her, she stopped and asked, "Oh, will this work for my Mac?"
    -Mark H. from Occidental College

  • I came home from work one night and my mom and her boyfriend were watching a DVD. I asked how it was, and they said really good but it didn't make any sense. I sat down for a few minutes and eventually figured out they were just watching deleted scenes.
    -Dan from Framingham State.

  • My Dad asked me what an apple pie phone was.
    -Steven from University of Washington