Hey everyone, it's been a few days since we switched up the site to have a new, bigger staff picks section up top, a wider article column on the front page and a better hotlinks section.  Now we want know what you guys think.  A few things first, though.

Jeff and I hand select each item that appears in Staff Picks so rest assured it's not some randomly generated list.  I've also seen some of you guys start commenting and liking the Hotlinks which is great.  Kevin and I spend a lot of time on them every day so it's nice to get some feedback there, too.  Finally, the way the articles section works is different now, too.  Not everything on the front page runs in the articles column and vice versa, so each section has unique content.  Also, anyone can get their writing on the articles page if it's good instead of just the featured users so make sure to keep writing.  

Anyway, if you have anything to say about the new design, good or bad, say it here.