Ethan: Big week in college basketball complete with a short stay at the top for Tennessee. Chris Lofton, I have seen Candace Parker. You, sir, are no Candace Parker. Does this mean Vanderbilt's the best team in Tennessee?

Amir: It seems that way. I think for now, it's Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Memphis, The Webb High School Spartans, and then finally the Grizzlies… at least until they unload Kwame's big contract.

Ethan: I'm pretty sure Bruce Pearl getting upset could be its own TV show.

Amir: I think ESPN2 has an open slot since RPM2Night got cancelled…

Ethan: It wouldn't even need sound. Just his face contorting in anger at the end of games. Also, I'm amazed they never arrested Kevin Stallings at the end of Zodiac. How did Kansas lose to Oklahoma State?

Amir: Well basketball is a team game, so when a team loses it's everybody's fault. "Everybody" is my nickname for Brandon Rush who went scoreless in the first half and missed a game winning shot. What a loser.

Ethan: He only had himself to blame. Or his Self. Kansas is still going to be a monster in the tournament. That was one bad game, and they're second in defensive efficiency and third in offensive efficiency. Of course, they're also Kansas, so unless Danny Manning's around, it's hard to pick them. Who's your tourney sleeper?

Amir: My sleeper this year, and every year, is Farleigh-Dickinson. Yours?

Ethan: Other than Farleigh-Dickinson? Wisconsin could be really nasty in the tournament this year. Great defense, fairly good offense, and Bo Ryan's nostrils make for a pretty terrifying 12th man.

Amir: But enough about March Madness, we still have an extra day of February to get through which means more NBA Madness! Which team made the worse move: Suns trading Marion for Shaq or the Rockets losing Yao for the rest of the season?

: The Suns. Yao will eventually return, but the Suns have pioneered a new method of subtraction by addition.

Amir: You're not a Big Cactus fan?

Ethan: I liked the justification that the Suns "weren't going to win with that roster anyway." What they needed was an expensive, aging, injury-prone big man. I'm even more surprised Theo Ratliff didn't get moved at the trade deadline. Or even the NHL's trade deadline. Like the Jason Kidd deal for the Mavs?

Amir: Dallas is, how we call it in the business, mortgaging its future by getting rid of Devin Harris, some utility players, and draft picks for an aging Kidd. I think it's worth the risk because Kidd is still playing All-Star basketball and the Mavericks kept their core players basically in tact. Although without DeSagna Diop or DJ Mbenga, what seven foot African is left to dominate the paint for Big D?

Ethan: Kidd's playing All-Star basketball? He's averaging 4.3 turnovers a game since the trade. He can't shoot. Other than that, great reason to give up a good young guard.

Amir: Don't blame me, I voted for Jose Calderon!

Ethan: My favorite deadline deals were the Avalanche trading for Adam Foote and signing Peter Forsberg. If this formula worked to bring home the Cup in 1996 and 2001, it should still work, right?

: Are you asking me an actual hockey question?

: And the Sabres are throwing away their playoff hopes by trading away Brian Campbell? What has the world come to?

Amir: When I read Sergei Fedorov was traded from the Columbus Blue Jackets I was shocked for two reasons: one,I had no idea Federov was still in the NHL and two, I had no idea who the Columbus Blue Jackets were.

Ethan: Quick look at football. You have to love the Bears re-signing Grossman and extending Kyle Orton. I love the gutsy use of the old adage "If it's obviously broke, don't fix it."

: What would the Bears be without terrible quarterbacks? In a world where Eli Manning outperforms Tom Brady, I appreciate Chicago trying to restore some order in the world. Finally something makes sense again!

Ethan: The Bears are going to dust off Cade McNown at any moment now. They used a first-rounder on him, so they can't give up on him just yet. That theory's otherwise known as the "Cedric Benson Principle." How happy must Brady Quinn be that the Browns might be locking up Derek Anderson for three more years? He can be a better-looking Aaron Rodgers now.

: The whole situation reminds me of San Diego a few years back, only the Chargers traded their proven QB (Brees) to develop their young gun (Rivers)… I can see why the Browns would learn from San Diego's mistake.

Ethan: I don't care the Brees is the better QB. Rivers is way better at taunting opposing fans, and that's all that matters. Got an interesting fact for us this week?

: Looking at combine results had me thinking about the fastest 40 yard dash time ever recorded. Everybody was impressed with McFaddens blistering 4.33. But according to USA today, the fastest time ever recorded was Bo Jacksons 4.12 in 1986.

Ethan: That's back when the combine was done entirely using Tecmo, though, so take the results with a grain of salt.

Amir: LT ran a 2.19 that year.

: Until next week, pray for Brad Lidge's knee!

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