1.  There is no way any President could make a bigger ass of himself than Bubba….oh wait

2.  It's a shame Brett Favre's best years are behind him.

3.  Whatever became of that sweet little pop tart from Louisiana?

4.  I'm set for life I invested all my money in those emerging dot-com stocks…………what was that you said.

5.  Life could be worse, I could be one of those long-suffering Boston sports fans.

6.  You mean to tell me that pseudo-celebrities can sky-rocket to fame by leaking sex tapes on the internet, and their parents or managers encourage it!!!!

7.  It's a real shame Roger Clemens' best years are behind him.

8.  That skinny dweeb from that 70's show is banging Demi Moore!

9.  Did the uber-talented Chris Kattan leave SNL to become a big movie star?

and finally,

10.  Is Arli$$ still on?