Opening the door…okay, why is it stuck? Okay, I'm in.
Shit this office is small. Who is that guy? I mean, he's like right there, up on the door. Does he normally stand there? Maybe I should say something.
"Hi…I'm Amanda…I have an interview. With you. Or, well, not you specifically…but someone like you. Someone like you in the sense that they also work here."
Oh god. He's looking at me funny. I shouldn't have said so many words at one time. Now I'll just be silent.
Who is that other lady that just peeked out of the door over there? She must have heard my verbal diarrhea and come to check on the problem. I hope she's not in charge here.┬áHoly shit…what if that guy is in charge and I automatically assumed he wasn't, simply because┬áhe was standing so close to the door, as if distance of person to door somehow indicates seniority at the company. I am a jackass.
Okay, good, it looks like he's not in charge. He's still ignoring me. The Peeker is coming towards me