Do your parents not understand technology? None of them do, they're all morons! People that dumb shouldn't be allowed to breed. It's tragic, really.

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  • My grandma kept complaing about how she couldn't get her new alarm clock to stop displaying 12:00. I went up to her room and took the sticker off of the display screen.
    -Brett from Ohio State

  • A friends grandmother recently asked him, "Will I be able to receive my Gmail through the internet?"
    -Michael from University of Texas-Arlington

  • We decided to get my dad a new laptop, and his first words upon opening it up were, "Thank God! All the keys are in the same place. I thought I was going to have to learn a whole new setup."
    -Dan from Framingham State.

  • This is the notepad my grandfather keeps next to his computer:

    - Darius