Dear Michael,

What's up? Things are good here – just school work and such. So you probably don't know who I am (unless you happened to know me through like three friends or something, which would be really CRAZY since I didn't think you knew me but you did – that would be SO funny, which would be cool since I know you like comedy HAHA…up top! high fives), but I just saw Superbad for the like gajillionth time and I feel like we would be really good friends. :-D

I bet I know what you're thinking!!! This kid's name sounds familiar! That's probably because I poked you on facebook 10-12 times last Tuesday. I attached a photo to jog your memory (Jog – get it? Just like your character in Juno HAHA. I knew you'd get it. You seem really nice in that movie.). I just wanted to let you know that you didn't poke me back. I figured you probably thought I wassome crazy FREAK fan or something, so I'm glad that I can clarify that I certainly am NOT! Whew!

I watched all 678 of the videos that come up on youtube when you search "Michael Cera" (that's you silly! HAHA up top! secret handshake); I even found 293 other videos of you that aren't tagged with your name for some reason. Don't worry though – I emailed all of those people to correct their tags…I got your back!!

…"a cool dude and I want to hang out with you." What's that? Oh, I was just finishing your sentence for you – ya know, best friend stuff. I love that about us! ;-) So I read in a blog that you like Orange Fanta and Dunkaroos. Just so you know, I bought 8 cases of Fanta and all of the Dunkaroos I could find in case you want to come over some time. I had a couple just now…I hope you don't mind that I started without you tee hee.

Anyway, I can't wait to hear back from you. I made a facebook, myspace, and xanga because I don't know which one you like most, but I have all of them open all the time so write me and I'll respond in like 15 seconds HAHA!

blows kiss JUST KIDDING! God, I love how we can joke like that and it's not gay or anything.

I miss you.