…Maybe this is a conversation they'd have while I was getting some in college.

TITS: Yeah! Squeeze me! That feels soooo good. Ooo, yeah lick it! Yeah! Suck it!

ASS: Hellooo. Over here! Can anybody hear me?!

TITS: Nobody cares about you sweetie, deal with it.

ASS: Hellooo! Come on, dude. Show me some love too!

TITS: He can't hear you, I've enveloped his whole head.

ASS: This is sooo unfair, why can't we ever hook up with ass men?

TITS: Yeah, right. Look at me. Like anybody is ever gonna pay attention to you while I'm around. Ooo yeah, right there. Bite it! Yeah!

ASS: One squeeze. That's all I'm asking for is a little squeeze, maybe even a slap. Come on dude, slap me! Stop touching those things and slap me!

TITS: Sorry, he needs both his hands right now for friction. Uh, yeah!

ASS: I'm sooo bored!

TITS: Relax, one day she'll be ready for kinky ass stuff. We've got a lot of time ahead of us. But, it's not gonna happen tonight. Remember what she said to the last guy who asked about you?

ASS: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ugh, she's over eighteen, it's time for some backdoor.

TITS: Sorry, can't talk anymore, real busy. Yeah!! Who's a lucky girl?! Me, me, me!

ASS: I hate you