Let's recap.

Hillary broke Barack's streak. Exciting? Not really. Because it's still not enough to pull ahead.

Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer. Heartbreaking? Not really. He seems to be doing fine.

Project Runway announced that little "Flock of Seagulls" Christian won the whole thing. Shocking? Not really. The episode was shot a month ago at fashion week. And, guess what. Bravo? We have Google.

All in all, it wasn't an amazing week in the world. It was utterly mediocre, and nothing too surprising, terrible, or awesome seemed to happen.

…Except, of course, for a little show called LOST!

Here's what went down this week, in a dinner roll:

Faraday and Charlotte take off and Juliet and Jack go to find them. It rains. Juliet runs in to her old therapist who tells her that Ben wants Juliet to kill Faraday and Charlotte because they are going to deploy deadly gas. Charlotte and Dan bump in to Kate and injure her she doesn't stop them. Juliet gets to the Tempest and learns that they are actually trying to stop the gas. Jack and Juliet kiss. I yell at the tv. After Claire challenges Locke's authority, he makes a deal with Ben. Now Ben can roam free and Locke learns that Widmore wants to find the island for personal gain. In a Juliet island flashback, we see that Ben is cookoo for cocoa puffs over her.

Here's what we learn:
1. It's official. I don't like Juliet. I'm sorry, guys! We all have that one character that we just don't like. This episode clarified that she really is a victim. Her sister was sick. She was tricked onto staying on the island. Her lover was murdered. But for some reason, I just can't bring myself to like her. Maybe it's because she's got her hands on our Jack!
2. The Tempest is a station near the water that controls power on the island and has a poisonous gas supply that could kill people. Why would the Dharma Initiative (which I'm assuming was good) even have that capability installed on the island?
3. Charlotte and Faraday, it seems, really were trying to dismantle the gas mechanism so that Ben wouldn't use it in the future. But, WHY? Why were they trying to save our islanders, who have already killed one of them? Can someone answer that?
4. Re: "Render the gas inert." No need for fancy science talk in an emergency situation, Dan.
5. Writing Flaw: Kate's way too savvy to get smacked in the head by Charlotte, especially since she already knew something was up.
6. The Ben/Juliet relationship was clarified. They never dated, but he's obsessed with her. She had an affair with Goodwin, whom Ben inadvertently let die. Look out, Jack!
7. Ben is not a smooth dater. Way too excited about that ham, dude. I don't think The Game ever made it to the island.
8. Ben's got people all over…on the boat (Michael maybe?), and back home following Widmore around.
9. Ben may have been somehow communicating with his people on the island. Or maybe the therapist made up the story because she hates Juliet.
10. In the flashback, the therapist said to Juliet "You look just like her." I'm guessing Ben had fallen in love with someone else, who died when she got pregnant.
11. Thewhispers in the jungle are back. Kickin' it old school!
12. What was up with that Charlotte/Kate look exchange?
13. The flashback references the kids on the plane (Zach and Emma )being on "the list." Remember Jacob's list? We still don't know what's up with that. Or why Juliet was so ready to believe in it.
14. It's very stressful being an Other.