I'm sick and tired of never hearing anyone rant anymore. I used to encounter people ranting about various topics all the time, whether it was politics, entertainment, cheeseburgers, or Dog the Bounty Hunter, people were ranting. They would just rant and rant, going on reiterating their opinions. I miss those days, where I wouldn't have to infer anything.

Speaking of Dog the Bounty Hunter, what a ridiculous individual. Whenever I accidentally stumble into viewing his program, I always observe him saying "Oh shit, they saw us coming," as he walks into a housing project. Of course they saw you coming you jackass, you're an eight foot tall white guy with tribal feathers sticking out of your super-mullet wearing a bullet proof vest as a TV crew follows you through the 'hood. How could anyone NOT notice you?

I digress. I was talking about how no one rants anymore.

Nowadays everyone has a one line opinion. How do you feel about politics? "Interesting lately." What about Britney Spears? "Totally crazy."

While valid, these opinions do not constitute a rant. Ranting, like art, is a dying art. Seriously though about the art, can you name one current artist? Like as in someone who paints, not like a rap artist. Picasso died in the seventies and no one has kicked ass at art since then.

Dennis Miller used to rant. I think he's ranting about sports on some channel that no one gets these days though. That's too bad, his bombastic obfuscation always kept me on the edge of my seat, wikipedia at hand.