Much like sequels to movies there are sequels to songs, don't believe me? Check out the list below.

1. The Way Your Son Makes Me Feel by Michael Jackson

2. Like a Born Again Virgin By Madonna

3.  Leaving A Message Tacked to Heavens Door by Guns and Roses

4. White Divorce by Billy Idol

5. The Devil Was On His Way Back to Georgia But he Got Lost and Was TooMuch of a Man to Ask For Directions and He Didn't Get to theCompetition on time So He Had to Forfeit. By Charlie Daniels

6. Wish You Didn't Overstay Your Welcome by Pink Floyd

7. Thank You For Visiting Paradise City Please Come Again by Guns and Roses

8. It's Been 20 Years I Really Need To Find What I Am Looking For by U2

9. Crap Out The Rich By Aerosmith

10. The Naturalized Citizens Song by Led Zepplin