DUUDES! MY DUDES! How the hell are you guys, how was your break? Awesome, yeah,  me too, I had a totally awesome blow-out spring break. Just decided to go for broke, let loose, ya feel me?

What? Mexico? Nah, bro, everyone goes there. Florida? Please! I was going there when I was like 8, that place is totally dead now. Oh, I just, y'know, kicked it right here in Jersey, man. No, I went home. Yeah, Rutherford. WHAT? NO WAY, MAN, BREAK RULED!

I lived with these two friends of mine that I've lived with before, I just crashed at their place. It was really cool because they paid for everything and didn't even ask me to throw in for food or anything! Totally boss. Yeah, they had a pool, too, but theirs is covered up right now. For… repairs… cause we did so much partying in it last summer, BOY! YEAH!

You went to a mardi gras party? Tight bro, bet you saw a lot of tittays, pretty sweet. How many, like 6, 8 boobs? 64 boobs? That's great and all, I- 64 pairs of boobs? Wow, that's like- yeah, I was just gonna say- yeah… Well, that's awesome and all, man, but guess how many I saw? 874 boobs, my man, 874! Yeah I found this awesome website. Bet they didn't have much wireless internet in Me-hee-co, eh? Oh they did? Yeah, but probably just- oh, right there at the resort, huh? Cool.

Ludacris was there? You were front row at a- you were backstage? That's pretty cool, but get this- I was at four different Ludacris concerts and a Foo Fighters concert! Yup, my two roommates had just gotten On Demand and I was all over the Concert Channel, brosef. Yeah, I was front row, back stage, in the rafters, everything dude. Even got an interview with Luda. Hella tight. He's really- well, yeah, Sway did, but it was really insightful.

I made some mad bank, too. Yeah I was… doing maintenance at this… resort. Yeah, you know, basic grounds maintenance, stuff like that. They let me stay there for free and everything, though, so it was cool. What? Yeah, my two friends, uh, own the resort. No, it's kind of small, you haven't heard of- no, I…

Whatever man, spring break is what you make of it. What? Shut up.

I cannot wait for summer.