Inhumanly giant news, gentlemen (and girl)! We've got these enormously cool friends who are pretty big in the comedy world: HUMAN GIANT. You may have heard of them. We're friends. Yep, we are pretty pretty tight. Just saying. I mean, we've been to their house before and we email all the time. It's pretty chill. Did I mention the wall posts they left on our birthdays? That happened.

I'm getting distracted though. This post isn't about name-dropping. I mean, Huebel you think I am? Wait, did you Sheer that? No? Ansari. Like I was saying, these sizable celebrities (you might call them our best friends) have given us 10 free DVDs of their show and we're going to give them to you. (Human Giant already gave us our own copies for Christmas. No biggie.) All you have to do to get your DVD is send in your original fan art to and the 10 best masterpieces win. It's that simple.

Oh, got to go. Human Giant is calling my cell. We'll probably talk for hours. Because we're friends.

BTW, be sure to watch the season premiere of their show on MTV tonight at 11pm.