You're holding a 3-month-old golden retriever. His name is Cody. Cody is nuzzling up into your arms. He's tired. He gently licks your palm as he slips into dreamland. An anonymous stranger holds a gun to your head. If you don't kill Cody, then he'll pull the trigger. As you stare down into Cody's big, bashful puppy eyes you see his total love and trust for you. Is it going to be you, or the dog?

Do you, or have you ever had any pets?
No (0 points)
No. I'm allergic to everything (1 point)
Yes, small stuff like hamsters or fish (2 points)
Yes, dogs or cats (3 points)

What's the big deal? Cody has only been alive for three months. Wouldn't it be a much greater loss to the world if you were gone?
ummmmmm (1 point)
ummmmmm (2 points)

Are you a vegetarian?
I have no problem eating meat (0 points)
No, but I don't eat red meat (1 point)
Yes (2 points)
Vegetarians are gross. I'm a vegan (3 points)

Cody sneezes a cute little puppy sneeze:
Gross (0 points)
Awwwwwww! (3 points)

Do you ever go to any cute animal picture Web sites?
No, I mostly use the Internet for porn (0 points)
No, but if I come across a video of an animal doing something funny I'll watch it (1 point)
Occasionally I'll hit up Cute Overload (2 points)
I go to Daily Puppy all the time (3 points)

Cody is definitely not housebroken. He could pee on you at any moment, would that change anything?
Nope, already made up my mind (0 points)
It would make it a little easier (1 point)
I don't know, this is making me uncomfortable (2 points)
OMG, that's so cute! He's like a little baby (3 points)

If you didn't have any choice, how would you do it?
Punt him (0 points)
Strangle him (1 point)
Strangle him after explaining to him in great detail that it wasn't my choice and that I still loved him (2 points)
I'd cry until my sadness killed both of us (3 points)