Did anyone happen to notice that South Park Imaginationland is advertising with us this week? I thought so. The good news is that in exchange for your eyeballs, Comedy Central gave us a bunch of DVDs to give you guys. 20, to be exact.

Last week's giveaway went great, but we still have 10 DVDs to go. Quick refresher: we're asking you to draw literally anything in MS Paint and send it to MSterpiece@Gmail.com by 6pm Monday. The ten most creative/imaginative submissions will win. If you submitted last week and didn't get an email from us, you unfortunately didn't win. But please feel free to submit again, just actually something good this time.

Here are a couple of our favorites from last week if you're looking for inspiration. And please, no more MSterpieces of Streeter as a god. He keeps framing them and making me look.