If there's one thing we've learned from Lost, it's to expect the unexpected.

We know now that polar bears can live on tropical islands. That cripples can walk again. That our consciousness can travel through time.

We've also learned that nothing is what is seems.

That a race of mythical jungle people are really evil scientists/weirdos. That a sweet beautiful girl is really a fugitive. That the guy who's busting the prostitution rings is actually a hypocritical sleezeball who's sleeping with a call girl on the side.

Wait a minute, was that Lost, or Spitzer?

O, who cares! It's time for your favorite Morning After!

Here's what went down this week, in a giant Korean panda toy purchased for a Chinese businessman:

Sun doesn't trust the "new" others (i.e. the people from the boat), and she convinces Jin that they should join Locke's group. Juliet adamantly opposes because she knows Sun and her baby will die if she doesn't get off of the island. In a last ditch effort to get her to stay, she tells Jin about Sun's affair. SLAP! On the boat, Sayid and Desmond are still kind of prisoners. They meet the captain, whom they were told via a note "not to trust." The crew is going nutty and one girl kills herself. Sayid and Des meet Kevin Johnson, a janitor on the boat who is actually MICHAEL! A flash forward reveals that Sun is the last of the Oceanic 6, that she delivers a healthy baby girl back home, and that Jin has died.

Here's what we learn:
1. Babies count as whole people; Aaron is counted as one of the Oceanic 6. We weren't really sure if they were counting the baby, but according to last week's preview, we learned "the last of the Oceanic 6" this week. The uncertainty about Aaron's status allowed us to think that maybe Jin was the 6th "survivor" for part of this week's episode. The new status of Aaron, however, allowed us all to rethink abortion.
2. Sun is racist and thinks that all Asian people look the same. (She thought the dude in the suit was Jin).
3. Jin's English is getting kickass (we knew that would happen), and he forgives Sun for her affair. Tears.
4. Jin's dead. But, c'mon! We all know he's still on the island!
5. Bernard needed a little "dude time." He reveals to Jin that he and Rose stayed with Jack because it was the right thing to do.
6. The Captain is a douche. Also, he implies to Sayid and Desmond that Ben staged the crash. But was it Ben, or Widmore?
7. Michael is on the boat. Duh. If you didn't see that one coming, you might want to repeat the first grade.
8. If you go to a daytime Big East game, don't start drinking at noon. You'll be pretty fried by the evening.
9.Someone will die next week. My money's on Claire.
10. Scary boast people are trying to freak out Desmond and Sayid. Re: Big Blood Stain: "That shouldn't still be there." Hi, Larious! How ya doin'?
11. The helicopter left the boat. Where'd Frank go?