Sarah walks into Rick's room. Rick quickly hangs up hiscell.

Sarah: Hey baby, who was that?

Rick: Oh it was just Dave.

Sarah: Are you still talking to that asshole? Aftereverything he did to you? Remember it was his fault you got that MIP.

Rick: Have you still not gotten over that? That was freshmanyear! Besides, Michelle and Charlie just got here and they're staying at hisapartment tonight.

Sarah: Wait. Do you mean Michelle as in your ex girlfriendMichelle? That bitch that broke my wittle pooh bear's heart?

Rick: Jesus Christ, Michelle! Do you honestly think thatname is cute? Remember when you called me that name at the bar last weekend?Yeah, well the guys are still asking me if I come over and play with theirPiglets.

Sarah: Awwww! See? They think it's cute too.

Rick: Anyways, I think I am gonna have to cancel our movienight tonight. I'm really sorry hun.

Sarah: But I picked out Legally Blonde. That's our favorite.

Rick: Well I guess I can stay in. But there better besomething in it for me after the movie…

Sarah: I'm way ahead of ya. Look! I also got Legally Blonde2!

Rick: Ok, I'm leaving now.

Sarah: Oh. So what now? Am I not as good enough for you? Doyou prefer Michelle?

Rick: No, its just that-

Sarah: I KNEW IT! Just because she has huge tits and feelsthe need to take her top off after only 2 beers doesn't make her a good person!

Rick: I know that, but-

Sarah: You know what? Just go! If you want to leave that'sfine.

Sarah turns around and starts to pout and hears the doorslam behind her. She turns around and Rick is gone.

Sarah: That bastard! Oh well. I would much rather listen toWicked. YOU HEAR THAT RICK, YOU ASS?

Back at his apartment, Rick's neck snaps up…

Michelle: Uh oh. Did the motorboat run out of gas?