1. It is not a horror movie about some sort of half-man half-bear creature that goes around killing horny teenagers.

2. Sometimes grizzly bears poop when they fight. What a normal person does when they see bear poop is nothing, what a crazy person does when they see bear poop is pick it up and exclaim "this came out of her butt".


4. Sometimes death doesn't have to be ironic to be hilarious.

5. The number one threat to the habitat of grizzly bears is probably lunatics who think they are helping them by living with them.

6. The number one threat to those lunatics is still grizzly bears.

7. If you plan to go to Alaska to live with grizzly bears for months, it is important to always be aware of the fact that at any given moment there is a very high probability that you will be killed and eaten by a grizzly bear. It's at least three times higher than normal.