Mr. Denton, it is has come to my attention that you have been participating in actions that many, including the good folk here at the New York Sun would deem to be behavior unbefitting of a newspaperman. It is for these reasons that I regret to inform you that your position as a reporter for this newspaper has been terminated, effective immediately.

I'm not sure where you went wrong, Bryan. You were our Ace War Correspondent. You charged up San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt himself, putting yourself in danger to get the whole story. You were a hero to many in the newspaper world. Then you had to go and mess around with those darned kids.

You had to go and break rule one in the book of journalism. You made yourself part of the story, Bryan, you just couldn't stop yourself from getting involved. The newsboys strike was a cute little story the first time you wrote about it. A ragtag group of boys pretending to strike against some of the most powerful businessmen in the world made for a nice story on the back page. Don't get me wrong it was no "Nude Corpse Found in Park" or "Rotten Spainyards Defile American Troops" but it had play.

But you pushed it, Denton, you pushed it too far. Now I'm not going to say that sometimes, in the interest of a really GREAT story, we in the world of the pape's aren't against pushing story a little bit (I can't believe the country really believes The Maine was sunk by enemies—we started a war, Denton, A WAR!) But all this to write a story about a bunch of boys singing and dancing in the streets about "seizing the day" what were you thinking?

You fueled their fire with constant trips to restaurants, where you bought these vagabonds meal after meal. You helped them plan a rally to organize more newsies to their cause. You even paid their fines when they got arrested!

And don't think we didn't hear the story about you gallivanting around with these kids calling yourself the "King of New York." A pretty preposterous idea for an ex-war correspondent from the third best paper in the city, don't ya think?

Finally, you're provoking and advocating a strike that directly suppresses the sale of NEWSPAPERS…and you work for a friggin' newspaper. What did you think was going to happen.