Anticipation. Suspense. Eagerness.

It takes a lot of time, energy, thought, experience and wisdom to figure this out.

There are bound to be surprises. There are particular outcomes whose certainty rivals the sky's blueness. And yet, you know that, somehow, at least one of those "sure-things" will knock your socks off with a captivating surprise twist.

That's right. It's March Madness. And I hope that ink is dry on your bracket, because it's time to put the pen down and pick up the remote.

It's time for LOST!

Here's what went down this week, in a bogus bomb:

On the freighter, Sayid and Des get the story from Michael. He had made it back to the mainland, and was never able to successfully commit suicide. Mr. Friendly approaches Michael in New York and says that if he goes on the freighter and kills everyone, he will save the lives of all the islanders, and win back Walt's love (who hates him now that he knows that Michael is a murderer.) Locke holds a lame meeting. Ben tells Alex to escape to the Temple Station. Frenchie and Carl go with her, and they are both shot from the woods.

Here's what we learn:
1. This episode was awesome.
2. If you have to do a stand-up set on a Thursday night, don't make Lost jokes. Chances are the audience doesn't watch Lost….since they are at a comedy club on a Thursday night.
3. Michael and Walt made it back to the mainland but they can't tell people their real names. Was this part of the deal they made with Ben, or were they trying to hide from him?
4. Carl should be psyched that he's dead. He would never have landed a hotter girl than Alex. Quit while you're ahead, dude.
5. Is that what "going to Temple" means? I'm not Jewish, but I thought it was more about prayer and less about getting shot in the jungle.
6. Michael can't kill himself. The island won't let him.
7. When Mr. Friendly showed up I still wasn't sure what the timeline was. I jumped off my couch and said "HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!" MAN, I love this show!
8. I feel bad for the actor who plays Desmond. He doesn't have much to do. He can't be shocked at what Michael is saying because he doesn't remember who anyone is.
9. Mr. Friendly was able to travel to and from the island.
10. Michael was supposed to kill everyone on the boat. But then Ben tells him to just avert them. Why is he trustung Ben so much?
11. Mr. Friendly claims that Widmore faked the crash. But the Captain had claimed that Ben did.
12. Libby's back. In visions, at least.
13. Mr. Friendly is Mr. Fag-ly. He likes it in the butt.
14. WTF? April 24th??????????????????????????????????????