1. In real life, Gary Busey is insane. In movies, Gary Busey "acts" to become normal. He is the Superman/Clark Kent of actors.

2. The greatest swells come every 50 years.

3. Dudes named "War Child" like to fight.

4. Surfing at night is super dangerous, but no one ever gets hurt doing it.

5. Opening your chute is like hanging up on a loved one, you always want them to do it first.

6. They're called "girls" if you're a square, and "babes" if you're righteous.

7. Surfing is such an expensive sport to participate in that you have to rob banks or sell meth to do it every day.

8. "Vaya con dios." NOT always a badass line.

9. Firing a gun straight into the air and screaming is the most effective way to express rage.

10. "Living to get radical" is a bad thing. (?!?)