• Mountain Making (Formerly Molehill Making)
  • Bucket Kicking
  • Elbow Greasing
  • Gun Jumping
  • Seeing You Later (Prereq: being an alligator)
  • Boot Knocking
  • Penny Saving (Also listed as Penny Earning)
  • Piper Paying
  • Pipe Laying
  • Lip Zipping
  • Chain Yanking
  • Heads Making (Optional co-req: Tails Making)
  • Cow Having, Man
  • Cheese Cutting
  • Turd Polishing

No longer offered:
  • Pot Watching

  • Chicken Counting

Thank you's go to Matt Gorman, Mr Kreeg, Adam Hrabik('s profile) and Happy Happy Happy Man for tossing out ideas.