10. Not realizing that last night you slept on the top bunk.

9. Slipping on ice. Then standing slowly and regaining balance. Then slipping again.

8. Anything involving the yelling of "SURPRISE!"

7. Leaning against what you think is a steady, solid object.

6. Tripping over the family pet at 2 am so that everyone in the house wakes up and your mom yells down, "WHAT'S GOING ON DOWN THERE? DID SOMETHING BREAK?"

5. The freshly waxed dance floor at your cousin's wedding.

4. Not knowing where the end of the stage is.

3. Standing up too fast after spending the last 2 hours lying on the couch watching reruns of the O.C. on Soapnet.

2. Thinking there are 15 steps when there are 16.

1. Not seeing the one sidewalk block that's not even with the others.