…in a new relationship

Her: You feel sooo good! You…taste…so…good too!

Him: Yeah! Mmmm. I've been thinking about you tasting me all day, baby.

Dirty talk after dating for over a year

Her: Your balls smell. Did you shower today?

Him: Yeah! Mmmm. Thanks baby, I know you're tired. I'll get you back.

Dirty talk after living together for a month

Her: I love fucking you in OUR apartment! Mmmm. You…feel…so…good! Uh! Now I can fuck you whenever I want!

Him: Yeah! That's right baby, fuck me in OUR apartment! Fuck me in OUR apartment! Yeah!

Dirty talk after living together for a year

Her: You need to use the toilet brush after you poop. I hate seeing residue!

Him: Well I hate seeing chick blood! If you're not going to flush them because it clogs, then at least wrap them in more toilet paper.