Just answer the questions below to see if you're a heart-melting hottie or if you're a fat uggo and nobody will ever love you!

Describe your body:
Soft and smooth (1 point)
Doughy (2 points)
Firm, hairy in some regions (3 points)

How long is your hair?
Shoulder length or more (1 point)
Not too short, not too long. You know, in the middle (2 points)
If I'm feeling really wild I'll let it start to grow over my ears, but not usually (3 points)

Do you like to show a lot of skin?
Yes, I like to show off when I'm not feeling fat (1 point)
I'll wear tank tops and shorts but I don't go overboard (2 points)
I wear clothes as determined by the temperature outside, or the amount of physical activity I'll be doing (3 points)

Which of these answers best describes your chest?
Supple (1 point)
Sorta flat, a little soft (2 points)
Hard like a rock (3 points)

Do you wear make-up?
Yes. I especially like to get dolled up when I'm going out (1 point)
Just a tad, to cover up blemishes (2 points)
No, that would be weird (3 points)

Do you have a dick?
No (0 points)
Not applicable (2 points)
Yes (4 points)