"Put on your blades,
Put on your shades,
Now we're bladin' in the shadin'
Don't care how Teacher's gradin'!"

Bladin' followed bigshot rollerblader Cam Samuels and his five best buds asthey made their way through teen life at Rollerblade High School, wherethe San Francisco Bay area's finest young rollerbladers learned aboutmath, social studies, science, advanced rollerblading techniques,friends … and love.

Fave episode: When Cam pulls his anklebefore the Bay Area Bladin' Regional Championship Tournament, he has tocook up one of his patented "schemers" to make sure he gets the bigtrophy. After all, he doesn't want to lose Cassie French tofriend/competitor Rick Stayson! Cam dresses up "power nerd" PaulFrankle as his doppelganger and fools everybody … until Paul's wigfalls off during a major flip at the tournament! Cam and Paul realizethat lying isn't cool and then they all have a milkshake at the BladeCafe.

Diversity High


Diversity High follows Black Q. Teenager and his good friends, Hip White Guy, OtherBlack Teenager, Asian Dude, Two White Girls, and Hip Black Principal.Black Q. Teenager and Hip White Guy were best friends because they grewup in a world where the color of their skin is literally invisible toeach other. Most of the time they're just doing regular teenager thingslike pulling "scheme-ety schemes," snowboarding, giving each othercomplicated hand greetings, using cool nicknames, drinking milkshakes,learning to understand each other, and hanging out with their principal.

Fave episode: A new student, Native American Teen, shows up in class oneday. Everyone accepts him and they all go out for milkshakes at T.G.I.Diversity's.

Future Cool

"Livin' in the year 2500,
Everything's pretty different,
Except friends, snowboarding, and havin' a blast at school,
We're future cool!"

Future Cool follows CoolTeen5000 and his best friends and robo-friends in the year2500 as they navigate the airways in their AeroCars and navigate thepathways of each other's hearts (not literally)(except one episode whenit was literally). What's the future like? It's pretty cool!

Fave episode: CoolTeen5000 robo-dreams up yet another "Scheme5000": What ifhe got his robot, Mason, to play a subliminal message to his favoritefuturegirl, CoolStacy8000, so that she'll go to the FutureDance withhim? When, instead of playing a subliminal message to CoolStacy8000,Mason kills her, trouble starts brewing! Then FutureNerd3000 invents amachine that brings people back to life. Whew! CoolTeen5000 andCoolStacy8000 go to the FutureDance together and then everybody meetsup for robofuturemilkshakes at the Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips70000.