The Reich line will get you any girl, unless you're a cad.  Hitler was able to conquer most of Europe but he constantly failed when it came to getting girls.  Here's a couple of his "better" attempts…

I'm not Mr. Reich, but I am Mr. Reich now.

Rape you if I'm wrong, but isn't your name Belgium?

I taught Rommel all his maneuvers.

If you sign this non-aggression pact I promise to only blitzkrieg your western front.

Is that lebensraum in your pants for me?

It's not the size of your panzerfaust, it's what you shoot with it.

I'd repel any Allied invasion of your beaches.

Are you as into group showers as I am?

Your hotness is Mein Kampf.

Does this rag smell like Zyklon-B?