While sitting in class (any class…it doesn't matter) I came to the realization that I can't stand 75% of the people in the room with me. There are so many times during the day that I feel the need to just get up and scream at people….but doing so would make me seem crazy. So I just sit back and leave the complaining up to my thoughts. Hopefully you can get an idea of what a typical day of class means to me.

Class Begins

It may only be a 50 minute class, but there is nothing like the feeling I get right as it's about to begin. I have to take a deep breath and realize that it's the longest possible time until class is over. If we're watching a movie or something like that I'll gladly go to class with relief on my mind. Otherwise I know I'll be dealing with the typical bullsh*t I hear every day.

Inevitable Nap

I don't mean to fall asleep in class…..it's inevitable. I can get 2 hours of sleep or I can get 16 hours of sleep the night before. Either way it doesn't matter….it's near impossible to stay up and alert. Especially in the case of early morning classes. Having no more classes in the lecture halls, I tend to insult my professor's career choice by passing out during any announcements he or she may have pretty often. I just need to make sure I get the study guide for the test…..whenever that is.

Annoying Person #1

What is it about taking a semester in another country that turns normal college students into arrogant pricks? I don't see what all the fuss is about. Every class has one of these people. They tend to jump in and give their two cents when the discussion turns to other countries. It sickens me when I hear someone's comment begin with "Well……when I was studying last semester in INSERT COUNTRY HERE we blah blah blah blah….". We get it. Nobody gives a shit. You didn't have any profound life experience. You just read textbooks in a different area and thought you were doing something amazing.

Daydreaming – part 1

Seriously? Can someone answer me that? Who would win in a fight between the Fantastic Four and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? It's practically the hardest question I've been faced with in the past few years. There are so many factors at play here. Equal number of teammates. The training they've both gained from fighting evil-doers. The Fantastic Four have superpowers and knowledge on their side. But the Ninja Turtles are huge mutant turtles who have ninja training and weapons. Then you have to think about location. Are they fighting in the sewers? On the city streets? In an alternate dimension? I like to believe this is one of life's many unanswerable questions…..and I spend many a class day pondering this conundrum.

Annoying Person #2

I applaud people for going back to school when they are older and want to continue their education….but I'm sick and tired of them getting special treatment in classes because they they have "real lives". I watch them get up to leave early and go "pick up their kids" or get to hand in papers late because they were so busy cooking dinner the last few nights that they couldn't type it up. The teacher's usually are more lenient with them and it boils my blood.

Day Dreaming – part 2

Could I be a Ghostbuster? Sometimes I wish ghosts were real. I'm not talking about spirits of our loved ones coming back to the earthly realm to come into contact with us though. I'm talking about evil ghosts wreaking havoc on families and cities. Of course…..the only course of action would be for me to sign up for the Ghostbusters and start catching me some ghosts. Since I was little I've always dreamed of being able to throw on the proton pack, hop behind the wheel of the Ecto – 1, and go round up some ghosts. I feel I've got what it takes. I just need to remember not to cross the streams.

Annoying Person #3

Sometimes in class there's a person who tries very hard to be the class clown. He or she cracks jokes that get a chuckle at best and don't tend to give up easily. What's even worse than this is the person who likes to joke around with the professor and try to make them laugh. Listening to someone tell a lame joke about ancient Athens and nervously laugh, while awaiting approval, can be quite painful.

Almost done……

The best part of any class is when it's obvious the professor has nothing left to say. He or she gets that tone of voice and scans the room while debating whether or not to let everyone leave early. Just about everyone in the room then shares a common thought process: "Be very quiet, nod your head, and soon we will get to leave". Class is just about over and as long as nobody raises their hand when the teacher asks "Any other questions?" then we are good to go….

Did you really just ask another question bitch?

Are you KIDDING ME!?!? Do you not realize the situation we've been handed here? I could've been home already if it weren't for that one girl……that ONE girl…..who feels the need to keep us longer. Forget about the fact that her question is something unimportant that could have been saved for the next class or the professor's office hours. What annoys me the most is that everybody else in the classroom seemed to be in agreement. We quietly sit until we are able to go. When this bitch raises her hand and asks a question you can almost feel the hate in the room. Even worse….these people tend to have more than one question, leaving to the teacher to blab on and on about inferential statistics or some other bullshit.

So, if you're like me this seems pretty familiar. I sit in class quietly awaiting dismissal…and put up with the same old bullshit everyday. Maybe I just hate a lot of people…or it could be there are just a lot of people to hate. It's hard to decide. Either way…I'm glad I graduate soon. Then I can move on to people I hate at my job.