Hey internet. You'll neverguess what happened today! I saw Paul hanging out at the dairy queen withRachel breyez! OMG she totally knows me and him are practically going out!She's just doing it bc she knows itll piss me off, and hes doing it bc she'dgive head to a stray cat. Grrrz. I am so about to kick her out of the limo forprom. Me and paul's relationship status is definitely getting changed to"it's complicated". There, that doesn't look like a cry for help atall. Or a pathetic bid for attention. I think I'll set my mood to 'chill'. Nowpeople know how relaxed of a person I am. I added some more pics from matt'sparty, bc how else will people know how much I like to party if I don't put uppics that look like a bar skank's relapsing AA-camp day trip for st. patrick'sday?¨2day I learned how to make my pics black and white w photoshop, so I guessits time 2 go in2 the ol' bathroom to make some more. Ok, hair over one eye,point it down, keep the stomach out of frame. Tightz. Oh dam, no cleavage. Onemore time, pout the lips, crane the next to keep clear view of the cleavage,point the flash into the mirror. hoorays! Goddamnit I'm so fucking artistic!Now let's name this photo album. Should I use a souldja boy lyric orevanescence? I do like to party, but these are an artistic black and white.Let's see:¨

¼/span>( ‚‚‚‚ ‚‚‚‚¼/span>/ )¨Š

‚( / jUs cHiLLin' )¨¼/span>Š

Perfect. It reiterates myborderline obsession w chilling, while still showing my appreciation forclassic black and white photography.¨Internet, no one understands me. I go outof my way to leave cryptic blogs, yet no one ever seems to be interested. Likewhen I wrote "right now my life is in chaos, but I know things will getbetter bcuz I am strong." And "My love is som1 out there (they knowwho they are) and I wish we could find each other, and that things were different."I even changed my mood from 'chill' to 'betrayed'! Some1 commented that Ishould stop bitching. You're mean sometimes, internet. Why won't anyone noticewhat a tortured sensitive soul I am? Maybe if I put glitter in the backgroundof my myspace and use a terrible, overplayed rap song to ear-rape anyonefoolish enough to wander onto my page. I should sprinkle some pictures animecharacters around, too.¨Ohh, I can make a slideshow with my pictures! Now I canshow me and my homegrrls chillin' 2 gether. Ha! "Homegrrls". I'm soironic. No, she looks prettier than me in that one. Dam, that one too. WTF?!Rachel Breyez!? What's that cunt doing in my photo album?!¨I wish my parentswould just buy me the landrover they promised me already. Then I would drive toparis where they appreciate sensitive, artistic people. I've been chatting withthis guy online from there who is a total hottie. He's 47, and he said he'llbuy me PBR and Parliaments. He also said he'll buy my plane ticket there so wecan be together soon, too. I'm too mature to be attracted to these silly boysat my school. That's why I attract older men. THERE's that picture of medancing on a pole w a forty. Get in that slideshow, you lil' rascal. I can'twait for the new my chemical romance/fall out boy/plain white t's/somethingcorporate/brand new/coheed and cambria/mars volta cd to come out. If peopledon't like them it just validates how much of an individual I am. Now where'smy scribbled on chucks and hair gel?¨Whoops, my bff Ashli is hittin' up mycelly 2 go 2 the mall! G2g TtyL! ;}¨¼/span>Š
- Emo_GRRL4U4EVA_U4EA¨¨¼/span>

"I give it out like asoup kitchen."¨¨¨¨¨