Below is a chart containing the reactions of people from different stages in their young lives to certain words. It's amazing how little has changed over the past 15 years.

Elementary SchoolMiddle School High School College
GirlsEw, cooties!She is s0o0 hawtt! Damn, she's hot.Does she have cooties?
PartyLet's go to Chuck-E-Cheese!Is it a boy/girl party?!Are there chaperones? Let's get drunk at Chuck-E-Cheese
VacationLet's dig for treasure on the beach!Let's go to the beach! Let's get drunk on the beach! Let's go on a 7 day binge on the beach!
ClothesSweatpants and a t-shirt Jeans and a t-shirt Jeans and a Polo Sweatpants and a t-shirt
LunchPB&J and a Capri SunTurkey Sandwich and a Capri Sun Turkey Sandwich and a Soda PB&J and a PBR

It's like we're all these little kids trapped in these bodies that keep getting fatter and fatter at an alarming rate…