With the recent release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Nintendo fans have been blessed with one the best 3D-action-fighter titles of all time. Though the game packs an insane amount of content and features, gamers can't help but crave for more items, more options, and more revealing costume choices for the female characters. Let's take a look at some of the items that never made it into the final version of the game:

Flame Gun
This weapon made famous from the Contra series was removed from the final version of the game for being completely and utterly useless. Shooting slow-moving spinning fireballs that circled around enemies rather than at them, testers wondered how the gun managed to make it into any game, ever. The gun was usually only picked up by mistake, and could not be swapped out until another item was grabbed. It was decided that the inclusion of this weapon in Brawl would just be flat-out cruel, and we're talking about a game that will make your character trip and fall on its ass for no reason. And don't even get me started on Goldeen.

The Power Glove
This rare and sacred item was initially meant as a saving grace for characters with weaker Final Smashes. Good for only one hit, any player lucky enough to put on the Glove would be playing with unprecedented power. An instant knockout was guaranteed, regardless if the attack made contact or not. It was that good. Unfortunately, the Power Glove had to be removed from Smash Bros. after it was discovered that delivering a Falcon Punch while wearing the item would cause the player's Wii to burst into flames. It's so bad!

Appearing as an Assist Trophy, this frosted fighter from the Mortal Kombat series slides around the stage shooting ice and freezing players in their spot, throwing the occasional uppercut without warning. To maintain the game's Teen rating, Sub-Zero agreed to hold back on ripping out anybody's spinal cord or shattering their torsos while frozen. However, unable to resolve his ongoing feud with the Ice Climbers, he was forced to drop out last minute and was replaced by Tingle.

Virtual Boy
This item was meant to have many benefits to those who used it. It could have easily helped one gain the upper hand in a match. Once thrown at an opponent, the Virtual Boy was intended to latch on to their face and start up a game of Mario Clash. Since no one can move while wearing the device, their mobility would then become hindered, leaving them open for attack. As an added bonus, there was a chance the item could leave enemy characters permanently blind. However, its appearance on the battlefield caused every character but Wario to automatically leap off the platform and kill themselves, which led to its removal from the game.

Coming soon: Rejected costume options, including Birthday Suit Samus and Dennis Hopper Bowser!