by Jon Grilz

Just days after photos surfaced of Matt Leinart drinking and hot tubbing with co-eds at Arizona State University, yet another scandal has surfaced.

In the pictures (which were not available at time of publication due to abidding war), Leinart is stepping out of a limousine on his way to the Carl Hayden High School Senior Prom in Phoenix, Arizona.

It would seem that the young NFL quarterback, who has links and seeds spread allacross the country, has been having the time of his life impressing younger women as young as 18 (he swears they were 18, anyways).

Neither Leinart nor his agent were able to be reached for comment. Instead we talked with psychology undergrad at ASU, Adam Wells.

When asked what his take on what exactly is going on in the head of Leinart, Wells responded matter-of-factly.

"Well, I would say that it has to do with his level of celebrity. He was areally big deal in college. He was the big fish in the small pond, as it were, being the quarterback for USC. Then he went to the pros muchlower in the draft than expected, and he ended up with Arizona. Thathad to be a big blow to his ego, you know, going to the team where quarterbacks go to die."

There had to be more. It couldn't justbe that Leinart was insanely depressed about being stuck with a teamthat has as much chance at success as Houston or Atlanta.

"Well, I don't know that it has happened as much like this for pros, but yousee, this kind of thing happens with jocks right out of high school. Remember the guys that were captain of the team and the big men aroundthe halls. Then they went to college and realized that they weren'tcool anymore and that they were on the low rung of the ladder? Thenthey would show up at high school dances? Same thing here, just much, much sadder. I mean this guy is a millionaire and he is looking for18-year-old girls to party with because it will make him look coolagain. Just plain sad."

This reporter is left with no choice butto agree. It was bad enough that Leinart consciously chose to go to acollege kegger to drink with some women, hot or not.

He could have gotten a piece just about anywhere, but he went where he would make the biggest splash.

AndI don't even know what to make of this high school prom thing. Poor Matt Leinart. It's times like this that I don't envy his national title, awards, millions of dollars, square-jawed machismo andeverything else that makes him better than me.

Oh yeah, and the tank top with the beer stains makes him look like he used his millions to by the biggest trailer he could find at the park.

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