…because some people said I should turn my comments into an article.

The Color Purple: "Definitely in fashion this year."
Don Quixote: "Haven't tried this tequila yet…but I'm sure it'll get you drunk!"
Of Human Bondage: "I think I'll get the leather-bound edition."
To Kill a Mockingbird: "Definitely looking forward to the sequel, To Sautee a Mockingbird."
Uncle Tom's Cabin: "My uncle throws some sick parties…just wish he'd stop tryin to get with my girlfriend."
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court: "Hilarious! I smell a movie coming!"
Crime and Punishment: "It's like watching Law and Order, but in a book."
Jayne Eyre: "Hottie!"
David Copperfield: "Great book of magic tricks."
The Golden Notebook: "A golden chickflick."
The Heart of a Lonely Hunter: "So emo it hurts. Literally."
The Man Who Laughs: "I LOL'ed!"
The Moviegoer: "Two thumbs up!"
The Picture of Dorian Gray: "I expected more illustrations."
The Portrait of a Lady: "See The Picture of Dorian Gray."
The Professor's House: "Is awesome! Give me an A please."
Steppenwolf: "Great tribute to the rock gods."
Three Men in a Boat: "Okay, this one was just really, really gay."
The Turn of the Screw: "Riveting. At. Every. Turn."
Women in Love: "Dear Diary…"