Many guys like to take refuge inthe common cliché that it is sorority girls who are the ones whose lives arefilled with drama everyday.  That,however, could not be farther from the truth. It has taken me three years in a fraternity and two years living in oneto find out for myself that the only difference between a sorority andfraternity is the amount of sex with men they have (and for some that may noteven be that big of a difference).   Inorder to diffuse this myth that fraternities are less bitchy and whiny thansororities, I have come up with two situations that apply to both to startthings off.


Situation #1: 


    Anyoneinvolved in a fraternity or sorority knows how this goes.  Whether or not you are the top frat on yourcampus or you are a bottom-feeder lapping up scraps of slutty girls thattrickle out of the good ones, a point has probably came up when your executivecouncil has announced, "We are doing Greek Week with *insert sorority *" to achorus of boos and thrown beers.  Insteadof taking solace in the fact that the lower-tier the sorority the higherchances you have of getting your pee-pee some action, civil unrest rollsthroughout your organization in a stream of emails probably titled withsomething around the lines of "Even Slob Rob Wouldn't Touch a Tri-Sig."  The problem with this, however, is that SlobRob did indeed touch a Tri-Sig… with his penis.. multiple times.. and he likedit.  You guys just need to trust me.  Seriously.


Situation #2:

The "You guys need to start being more respectful to yourfraternity house"

     Even if youjoined a fraternity to better yourself academically or to gain leadershipexperience, the truth is that you only joined for beer, drugs and the hookersthat we like to refer to as either freshmen or sorority girls.  The bottom line is that there are threegroups in a fraternity house

Group 1:  The executive council and thosewho dedicate their time here to the fraternity

Group 2:  Theindifferent – some will hold positions in the house.. maybe

Group 3:  The groupthat most people belong to, myself included – the social group whose mainpurpose is to drink the house beer, meet girls, puke off the balcony and leavea long-lasting imprint in the fraternity…wall

Thedrama is created when Group 1 gets mad at Group 3 for urinating on each othersdoors.  While there exists much turmoiland chaos between Group 1 trying to control Group 3 (which isn't happeningsince they are most likely piss drunk with slivers of vomit down their shirt),I cannot think of one time that I have done something for the house and thoughtthat it has helped me in the future. However, I can think of multiple times in my life where I have smashed abeer bottle against the wall, only to think of how much of a direct impact thathas had on shaping my future life – "no, I cannot do this when I have my ownplace because I don't have servants." Life lessons can be found in anything.
    While this is no means anexhaustive list, the point is there that fraternities have just as much dramagoing on within them as do sororities. We just don't have boobs (most of us) or vaginas.